Letter To Life

Dear Great Life,

I'm sorry I need to dump you. You been such a great partner for me for the past 21 years of my life. I have to do this due to my current situation. I just started my new career as Busy Bee, so I won't be able to spend my time with you for the next 5 years. I can't leave you alone, waiting for me to spent time with you. So, I guess this is the best thing for us. I let you go to find someone new, which you can spend your time with. I believe we can meet occasionally when I'm free. We still can be bestfriend because I still need you to be by my side when I feel really down. If things going smoothly with my job, we perhaps can be together again. Thank you for being a great partner for me, you had teach me a lot of things and make me a stronger person. I had gain a lot of experiences with you. I become what I am now because of your help. And again, a BIG THANK YOU for you.

Till we meet again, XOXO <3

Your Mistress, Ain Lodo.

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oxaloacetate89 said...

Hello Busy Bee!!!

hahaha.alalala,kesiannye die. ;p