Medicine = Puzzle

Medicine is tough. There are a lot of things needs to be memorized. That's a lot of time need to be sacrifice. That's a lot of hard work need to be done. Once you decide to choose medicine as your study field, you need to sacrifice everything for it, including your fun time (ouchhh, that's really hard). Sometimes, when it so tough, you just feel like you can take it anymore, you just want to quit and you will think back why you want to do medicine? But the reason that makes you want to quit is the same reason that make you wake up and heads up to face it. The tears of suffering will eventually change into the tears of joy once you have your dream scroll in your hand.

Now, I'm still in the phase of "tears of suffering" and I really hope that someday that tears will change into tears of joy. Somehow, despite all those crazy terms, disease, exams, course works and everything between it, I love medicine. For me, diagnosing a disease is like solving a puzzle. The symptoms and signs are the clues. You need to think hard when you solve a puzzle. Which piece is applied to that particular part? The same thing as medicine, which symptoms and signs apply to that particular disease, which is the best treatments for that disease and what is the prognosis for that disease depending on the patient's condition. I love medicine because of these. It makes me think and analyze two things that I love most. Diagnosing a disease always give me joy. Eventhough I don't really know and memorize all the disease I learned (I should work hard to overcome these problems).

I love puzzle and I love medicine. Hopefully I will succeed in this field. It is not easy to be success yet it isn’t hard. It is not hard to fail yet it isn’t easy. If you give your best shot and always pray to Allah, Insyaallah you will succeed. And DON'T FORGET to get blessing from your parents and teachers because Allah's blessing comes from them. <3

p/s: When I said crying it doesn't mean that I cried.

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