Love is in the air

"Love is in the air".
Haha, absolutely not for me, at least for now.
I love being single, and always ready to mingle.

No one I need to care more than myself,
Nothing needs to be worry,
Nothing need to be ask for permission,
Nothing need to be explain,
Everything is just about me,
Nampak sangat pentingkan diri >:)

Being single made me feel good with myself.
I can have fun whenever I want.
I can be nice to whoever I like (bukan flirt ok, just being NICE),
I can be close to any guy (this statement applies for single guy only),
No one will get jealous,
No one will get angry,
And no drama needs to be face.

I love my life now,
I love peoples around me,
I enjoy every moments of my life like I will die tomorrow.

p/s: To all happily single girl, you girls rock!! And to girls that have a boyfriend, love your guy truly.

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Lisa Lalala said...

:) entri yang menarik