Letter From Heart

Dear, Mr. /miss “Who like to be invisible”,

I didn't know who you are and I never want to know. But if you read this, you know who you are.

First of all, I like to say that what u did to me is UNEXPECTED. I think I never disturbed anybody’s life, so why should you disturb mine? I should piss off with you, but somehow I'm not. I'm actually CONFUSED, why you did that to me, even I never knew you or perhaps I may know you but you like to KEEP YOURSELF INVISIBLE.


I didn't know what your real intention was. But, if it was a bad intention, congratulation because it was a pretty good attempt of you bringing me down. Just remember, the harder you try, the stronger I become. If it was a good intention, thank you because it is a good lesson for me, eventhough I learned it the hard way. However next time, if you didn't like what I post on my blog, please tell me personally. You don't need to do all this. I'm open to listen to your comment. And I also don’t need to go through all this chaos.

Mr. / Miss “Who like to be invisible”,

Whoever you are, you are not a good friend. If we a friend, our friendship had end because friend's won't do that. If we are never been friend, I never ever want to be your friend and I'm 110% sure you also didn't want to be my friend. I didn't need a backstabber and 'two faces' people in my life. I need REAL peoples, not the fake Barbie and Kent. I only need friend who tell me if there is shit on my face and help me clean it, not friend who throw shit on my face and laugh at it.


You don't need to worry because I won't revenge. Revenge is not my thing. I won't be so stupid and low just for you. I believe karma will do their job. I just need to sit back, relax and patiently waiting for that moment to happen. When the time comes, please don't get angry, just smile because it will make you look nicer ;)

Anyway, thank you again for that valuable lesson. I learned a lot from it and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. Please, never do that to others. If you didn't like them, just tell them in their face because you never know who you dealing with in the future. Have a great day celebrating your ‘not so big successes. Wohooooo!!!!

Oh, by the way darling, I like to remind you that this is my personal blog. I write about my personal life especially about my thoughts and experiences. If you didn't like me, DON'T READ. Please enjoy your life and don't disturb others. Life is too good if you cherish every moments of it. Cheers V(^__~)V

P/S: Don’t be invisible for so long because people might forget you.

<3 Learning from a mistakes are hard, but someday you will appreciate it. Thanks for all the good advice, doc :) <3

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oxaloacetate89 said...

gunting dalam lipatan? be strong ain! ni pengajaran utk kak tika juge spy jgn tulis sembarangan dlm blog etc.haih.

Ain Lodo said...

Mungkin gunting itu bukan dalam lipatan,mungkin dlm baju,mungkin juga pisau sebenarnya yang berada dalam lipatan itu, hanya Allah yang tau..hahaha :))