A Story About A Drama Queen

When a good friends of mine having problems with someone used to be their closed friend (all Of them are my friend) it makes me remember someone I used to know when I was in high school because the story are similar, a selfish-backstabber-drama-queen friend.

Friends (I should say bitches because they don't deserved to call friend) who are drama queen are pathetic. They do everything, lying, backstabbing, kissing other people's butt and everything in between just to have attention and bring their enemy down. I used to have this kind of people in my life. Its horrible but it teach me valuable lesson which is PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU AND TRY TO BRING YOU DOWN.

Usually, the drama queen are selfish, arrogant, self-centered person. They create stories (sometimes so fairytale and not logic at all) just to make others give attention to them. They jealous with other people's life and will always try to bring that person down. Someone I used to know had done this to me. I feel really pity to her because she had to do all those stupid stuffs and create stupid stories just to have attention. I don't feel like I want to revenge to someone that have pathetic life like her. KARMA WILL EVENTUALLY DO THEIR JOB and in my case karma had done it :D

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