Tales of Microb Quiz (Part 2)

To prepare for the quiz( this time is real), i was AGAIN study till late eventhough I just READ WITHOUT MEMORIZING ANYTHING,

Just before the quiz, I was praying that the quiz will be easy,

Alhamdulillah, Allah answer my praying and the quiz was pretty easy actually,

After the quiz, Dr Durgadas gives the answers and I'm felling good with my score,

Luckily, I'm concentrating in his class because most questions are from what he explain to us in class,

Instead of regular lecture,

We are having a "motivational talk" by Dr Durgadas ( the best thing is, siap ade slide lg, so terasa cam Dr Durgadass tu pakar motivasi lak). The talk is about learning strategy (Dr Durgadas always bebel us about study and he likes mind reader because he understands us completely),

Today, we all having a great time in his class. Thank you so much Dr Durgadas for being a great teacher and yet still humble,


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