Girls That I Admired

This entry dedicated to girls that giving most impact to my life. This girls help me become who I am today and always brighten my day. Here the list start:

1) Najwa Aimi & Yana
*I love talking and laughing with them*

2) Fatima a.k.a Kak Timah (I prefer to call her Kak Timah)
* My 'Liltle mummy'. One of my advisor*

3) Atika a.k.a Kak Tika (If I didn't cal her akak, she will definitely kill me X_X)
* Like a big sister to me. I love heart-to-heart's talk with her*

4) Jihah
*Like a younger sister to me (even she's older a few months than me). I will protect her from a bad guy (wahh,cita-cita tinggi mengunung*

5) Lisa & Lia
* My crazy housemate. I just love spending time with them*

6) Elya
*My partner in class, crime buddy and love guru*

7) Nadia & Nana
* My high school friend who know almost everything about me*

This is my best girlfriends. I love them and will always love them <3

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