Barca Deserved It.

Barca won the Champions League in 2009 against Man U and this year they did it again (Barca won 3-1), and much better when they won it at Webley (Which I consider it as Man U's place as it was in England). I guess it's still not too late to congrats Barca. The match was great and exciting. All Barca's player played very well that night and the goals was superb. Man of the match that night was Messi. Its worth it to wake up in the middle of the night just to watch the match especially when MAN U LOST >:))))). Congrats once again to Barcelona FC.

Barcelona FC.

Barca's players

The joy of Barca's playes, celebrating their winning

P/s:Like seing Macherano with a big smile and oh, yeah, Messi was cute ;)
p/s/s: Pep Guardiola was the most gorgeous manager (for now) <3

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