Mr Giant

3 more days and my one and only bro going to end his bachelor life..
He will mary his love live who with him for the past 8 years..
There so much happens between them,so much..
There breakup and hook up for few times but there are mean to be together *kalau dh jodoh x kan kemana*..
At last,my bro will marry the girl that dated him for the past 8 years..

For us,it is a weird feeling when realizing that he will end up his bachelor life..
Sometimes we feel like we gonna lost our brother (for my parent,losing their only son..
But we are happy that finally he found the girl that he want to spend his entire life with..
The feeling of happiness are more than the feeling of sadness..

The fact that the girl is the only child in the family also makes us realize that we would no able to spend hari raya with him anymore..
Glad that my parents still have 3 single daughter who can spend hari raya with them..

On 5th of june,Friday my brother will officially become a husband to a girl name Shasul Liyana..
Now,i cannot slamming his butt anymore or chasing him around the house just to kiss him..
We cannot makes a dirty jokes anymore..
I gonna miss my moments with him..
I goonna miss using his girl to get things I (and my sisters) want..
I gonna miss him as my gatal buncit bro..

P/s:It almost a year ago I write this note but I still want to publish this (suka hati sy la kan sbb ni kan blog sy).. Now, my giant brother are happily married and still learning to taking care their first son,Qalish (oh, I'm missing bdk tembam tu <3)

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