3 Idiots

3 Idiots was very inspirational movie.. Its very motivating and teach us about life.. Its not a typical love Hindi movie which full with a "mendaayu-dayu" song and the actors changed clothes few times and singing at different places for just 1 song (there still singing part in this movie but with more catchy song and logic environment).. Im watching this movie because Kak Tika keep "promoting" me and to see why people keep talking about the movie (Its been years, I guess more than 5 years I'm not watching Hindi movie).. After watching it for few scenes, I already "falling in love" with this movie.. A big applause to the director, the screenwriter, the actors and everyone behind it for making this great movie... This is not a typical movie about love.. The story is more about friendship rather than love.. It will make U laugh and cry like hell..

The movie is about 3 friends, Farhan, Raju and Rancho who studied engineering at Imperial College of Engineering (ICE).. They study engineering for different reason, Farhan study to pursue his father dream over of his own (He actually want to a be a wildlife photographer), Raju for bring out his family from poverty and Rancho study because his passion toward machines.. There also have different personality, Rancho is more outspoken and free-spirited guy, Farhan is kind of nerd and just follow others and Raju is more naive and insecure about himself.. The director of the ICE, better known as Professor Virus labelled them as "idiots" because all the havoc the caused in the college and did few attempts to bring down Rancho.. There also another student at ICE, Chatur or "Silencer" who is belief in endless memorizing over understanding and taking down his enemy in order to be the best student at ICE and hence achieve corporate and social status.. This story involve a journey of Farhan and Raju in the quest for a lost friend, Rancho.. Joining them in this journey is Chatur "Silencer" who encounter for his long forgotten bet with Rancho.. This story will always keep U surprise and wouldn't make you boring..

I really suggest U guys watch this movie especially when U feel down with your study.. It will help U motivate yourself.. By the way. Aamir Khan was the hero in this movie ; )

p/s: "If you choose excellent, success will follow".

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