Happy birthday to me!!!

Happy birthday to me,happy birthday to me,happy birthday to myself!!!!
Today is my 19th birthday,my last-number-one-in-the-front birthday..Over the past 19 years of my life,I've changed a lot..I had many ups and downs over this many great years..I've laerned a lot from all the mistake I did and I also enjoyed all the success things I achieved..But,no matter how much my size, my looks, my mind and my perception changed,one things that never change is my parents's peception to me..I gonna be their lil' girl forever,their small girl that they didn't dare to let go..As a youngest in my family,i get all the attention and all the love from my parents and my sibling but i will remain as small kids that not able to do anythings in their eyes..Their so-over-protective-attitude sometimes makes me irritated..I guess,that the price you neeed to pay when u are the youngest in the family..But,one thing I like being a youngest is everyone will make u as their priorities.U can be manja and mengada all the time and even they hate it,they still gonna layan u..hehehhehe

This year is my first year celebrating birthday in the fasting month..Nothing are different either u celebrating ur birthday in the fasting months or not..I hope I got all the blessing on my birthday in this good months..this year I will have small family celebration like always and I'm celebrating my birthday with Una..Hopefully I gonna have a great years and achieve more success in the coming years..>.<

p/s:Happy belated birthday to una that celebrating her 13th birthday on 19th August =]

notakaki:post berusia 1 tahun 8 bulan (mcm umur baby lak)
notakakilagi:Entry ni sbnrnya I tulis pd 29 August 2009, waktu I celebrating my 19th bday..

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