a week from hell!!

i so tired this week n i dunno when this will over..i really need a good looonnnnnngggggg sleep and a peaceful time alone..mggu ni,setiap mlm sy tdo lmbt n sometimes kena bgn awal utk g klas..pagi td i wake up tgn mata yg sgt teruk.sy rasa mcm po,panda yg kt dlm citer kung fu panda tu sbb mata sy sgt teruk.i got dark eye circle!!!!ni suma sbb setip mlm i tdo lmbt n i didn't have a enough sleep(ye ke????)..tp padan muka kt diri sndiri coz wat assgnmnt last minute,so t'paksa la stay up mlm2..
final dh dkt tp sy still blur ngan ape yg ktorg bljr..i'm so scared to face the final bcoz i dunno anythings i dunno what to answer..oh God,please help me..i really need ur guidence ryte now..i so stress coz i got high expectation for this final..i really hope i can do well in this final..i should start studying but i always get lazy everytimes i open the book..someone help me!!!!!
esk qibah n huda akn dtg rmh..miss them so much..x sabar giler nk jmp dieorg especially qibah..rindu giler tgk gelagat dia..i really can't wait for tomorrow but ryte now,i just want a good sleep to restore back all my energy n hopefully this panda eyes will go away..to everyone who read this,i wish u, have a great weekend:)

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Musafir Melayu said...

and I wish you,to have a great days for weeks to come :)

_naJw@_~. said...

panda eyes??wah intersting!!nak tgok,hak3..ain ni ske hyperbolakan ayt2..ish3,jgn lupe b4 p kels tjuk panda eyes to taw2!!hee~